Company Goals

Rory & Michelle Du Plessis

  • To be leaders in the safari hospitality industry by being well known for providing unparalleled service and expertise
  • To gain a significant market share of the transfer / shuttle sector
  • To become the preferred recruitment agency for lodge owners and management
  • To become recognized as the superior training facility for management and field guiding staff
  • Create jobs in the hospitality and lodge industry

Our objectives:

  • To provide a holistic view to the Safari industry
  • To enlighten, educate and enlist people into the Safari industry
  • To provide practical, workable solutions to Safari problems
  • To be leaders in customer and client satisfaction
  • To be highly regarded and recommended by clients

Business Philosophy:

The company’s strength lies in its exemplary management skills, service delivery and problem solving abilities. Rory du Plessis has  over 20 years experience in some of the country’s top establishments and is silently supported by his wife Michelle who also has years of operational and management experience. DaZZled Zebra Safari Company is a PTY LTD.

Strengths and competencies:

  • Education and teaching background
  • Project managed and opened 9 new 5 *lodges
  • Implementation and delivery of all operational requirements
  • Expertise, knowledge and field guide experience
  • Expertise in HR, CCMA and Union matters
  • Have held senior management posts for 20 years
  • Flexibility and service excellence
  • Ethical business practices
  • Ethical, reliable and honest staff